How Dental Veneers Can Help With Teeth Appearance

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Dental veneers are among the most effective ways to improve how your teeth look. These ultra-thin restorations are used to cover up the front parts of teeth, hiding imperfections and defects. Veneers started as a way for actors to make their teeth appear more appealing on screen, and it has evolved into a treatment that anyone can now get.

Placing multiple dental veneers on a patient’s front teeth enables dentists to transform the way that the patient's smile looks. Issues that can be treated with veneers include chipped, deformed, and stained teeth. Veneers can also be used to address minor teeth alignment issues, like crooked teeth. Dentists often recommend this approach to covering up teeth alignment issues when the patient has other issues that need to be covered up with veneers.

How dental veneers are used to improve how teeth look

Getting conventional veneers requires the removal of enamel from the front parts of the teeth being treated. This prevents the restorations from making the patient’s teeth appear abnormally bulky. The portion of enamel removed is proportional to the thickness of the restoration being used.

There are also no-prep veneers that do not require shaving off enamel before cementing the dental veneers into place. However, these restorations are not as effective at covering up imperfections as conventional veneers. Their super-thin nature does prevent them from making the patient’s teeth appear abnormally bulky once cemented into place.

Placing conventional veneers requires a minimum of two trips to the dentist. The first visit is used to prepare the teeth being treated, take an impression of them, and place temporary veneers. Temporary veneers are used because it takes about two weeks for the custom veneers made from the impression to get back to the dentist.

The dentist takes off the temporary restorations during the second visit and cements the custom veneers into place. Any alterations needed are made during this visit. Ways that veneers can transform the way that a person’s smile looks include the following.

1. Lead to brighter, whiter teeth

Veneers are effective at covering up issues that affect teeth color, like stains and discoloration. Porcelain is one of the most popular types and highly resistant to stains. Porcelain veneers will not turn yellow or brown over time like real teeth, and patients get to enjoy their pearly-white color for a long time.

2. Make the smile look straighter

Veneers can be strategically placed to make a patient’s teeth appear straighter. This is a faster alternative than having to wait years for similar results with conventional teeth straightening treatments. However, dentists often recommend this approach only when the patient has other issues that can be fixed with veneers.

3. Cover up damage

Veneers can also be used to cover up damaged teeth structures, creating the appearance of healthy teeth. Even a mildly chipped tooth can have a significant impact on how a person’s smile looks.

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