General Dentistry Solutions Using Dental Implants

General Dentistry Franklin, IN

There are many ways that general dentistry appointments can benefit patients who need dental implants to improve their oral health. Learning about common implant types and what each entails can help patients make the most informed choice possible regarding teeth and gum health. 

What are the benefits of implants? 

There are several different benefits of implants that those who have missing teeth may want to learn about before proceeding with this dental work. No matter the reason for the patient's dental problems, implants can help with: 

  • Improved speaking 
  • Removal of damaged or decaying teeth that cause pain
  • Fewer problems eating/chewing

General dentistry treatments may involve a variety of implant services for patients who require them as a means to improve oral health or who want to fix the appearance of their smile. 

Implant crowns 

When a single tooth is decayed or broken to the point where it cannot be saved, a dentist may recommend a single implant and crown to replace it. During this type of procedure, the damaged tooth and any remaining debris are removed and a support screw is placed in the jawbone. Once the area heals and the screw is deemed stable, a permanent implant tooth and crown are installed in the mouth. The screw, or abutment, is usually made of long-lasting titanium, while the crown is usually formed out of porcelain. This type of dental implant can last for years when properly cared for. 

Implant bridges 

Individuals missing several teeth in one area of the mouth may benefit from implant bridges. These dental restorations replace several missing teeth all at once, especially in the front of the mouth, where missing teeth are usually the most noticeable when someone smiles. Depending on patient need and the condition of the mouth, these implant bridges can either be affixed permanently or removable. 

Implant-supported dentures 

General dentistry clinics can assist patients with implant-supported denture solutions and fittings to ensure these implants are as comfortable as possible. Depending on how many teeth are missing, a dentist may recommend either partial or full implant dentures. These dentures are typically not removable by the wearer and require a dentist for any adjustments. 

Those who choose implant-supported dentures require screws set into the jawbone to support them. Some natural teeth may have to be removed to help the dentures sit more comfortably and assist patients with proper chewing and speaking. The healing process may take four weeks or more but can vary depending on a patient's oral health, such as whether gum disease is present and must be treated first. 


Visiting a general dentist can help patients in ways that eclipse basic cleanings and gum care, especially when it comes to the need for dental implants. Not only are there several options to choose from, but when individuals learn that something can be done about missing or damaged teeth, they may begin to take steps for better oral health that can last a lifetime. 

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